Plymouth Town Government at Work

One of the League’s priorities is to ensure that voters are knowledgeable about how government bodies and committees work in and for their communities. To fulfill this priority, the League occasionally sponsors open forums with town officials.

Where do my taxes go?
March 21, 2024

Click below to watch the video from this event, in which the Town Manager, the Superintendant of Schools, and the Town Finance Director describe the budget process and how your tax dollars are allocated. Download a flyer that details how the tax dollars are spent.

Click here to download the presentations.

Evening with Our Town Manager
November 30, 2023

Get to know how Plymouth town government works and who is in charge of running the day-to-day functions of the town. Hear about Good News from Derek Brindisi, Plymouth Town Manager, and also about some of the major challenges facing us.

Click here for the presentation.

Click here to see the organization chart that he presented.

School Committee Forum

Do you know what the School Committee does?
It is a crucial, elected group of dedicated town citizens who provide the link between the community and its residents.
Watch our Forum with members of the Plymouth School Committee as they answer questions about their work, the importance to citizens with and without school-age children, the budget process, and how to engage with them to have an impact on the Town of Plymouth.
There will be seats up for election this coming Spring, if you are interested go to to learn more.