Acquifer Protection Position

The Plymouth Area League of Women Voters’ position on acquifer protection has three aspects:

A. Support League anti-pollution goals involved in the development of the pond management protection plan.

B. Support each town within the Plymouth-Carver Aquifer.

C. Create a Water Resource Committee to develop a comprehensive watershed-management plan to ensure an integrated and sustainable management of land use and water resources. The plan should include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Promote water conservation as individuals and as a community.    
  2. Improved protection of areas up gradient of ponds and wells.
  3. More stringent ground water district.
  4. New developments should mimic natural hydrology including bio-retention ponds or rain gardens, open vegetated channels and infiltration of roof runoff.
  5. Regional approach to protection of the aquifer.
  6. Educate residents about the aquifer