Candidates for Planning Board and Select Board spoke at our Candidate Forum on April 25. Click above to watch a video of this event.

Voter Guide
May 18, 2024 Spring Town Election

This Voter Guide contains information about candidates for Town-Wide Offices as well as for Town Meeting Members.

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This page will be updated as candidates provide their information.

Candidates for Select Board

There is one candidate for a  3-year term.

David Golden

124 Reed Avenue

Relevant Qualifications: In my professional life, I work as a vice president at a state-wide municipal service provider that specializes in property assessments. My firm works with more than 30 communities across the Commonwealth to value real and personal property, build budgets, analyze and implement state statutes, and respond to complex legal issues facing our towns regarding land use and property rights. I have also served on a number of boards and committees.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: I first got involved in Plymouth as a member of the Cultural Council. Our job was to review application for and provide financial grants to arts projects in town. I currently serve as a Town Meeting member and the chair of Precinct 7. In those roles, I have worked across town departments and in conjunction with colleagues on other boards and committees to shape the direction of the town. I have committed myself to understanding every article in order to make the best, most well-informed decisions possible. As the chair of both the Memorials Advisory Committee and the newly created Charter Review Committee, I work hard to preserve Plymouth’s past while also planning for its future. On the Manomet Village Steering Committee, where I serve as the vice chair, I partner with staff in Planning and Development, the DPW, the Police Department, and the Fire Department to address issues regarding the environment, infrastructure, and safety in my village. And on the Board of Health, I help to craft sensible health policies and bring awareness to health issues that are important to our business community.

Top Three Priorities: 

I will work towards focused development for Plymouth’s future by identifying areas of town where growth makes sense, balancing historic preservation and natural conservation, strengthening our critical infrastructure, and developing affordable workforce and senior housing.

I will also work to ensure we have a smart and effective government by bolstering the master planning process, improving communications between Town Hall and our residents, and enhancing our government’s response to the day-to-day needs of our residents.

Most importantly, I will work to ease the burden on the residential taxpayer by implementing strategies to expand the commercial tax base, attracting companies in industries that bring in high paying jobs, and eliminating unnecessary red tape to make it easier for the businesses we want to open and operate in Plymouth

Candidates for Planning Board

There are two candidates for one seat.

Tim Bennett

33 Arlington Road

Relevant Qualifications:  As a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor with over three decades of experience, I have witnessed firsthand the intricate balance required to navigate our town’s growth responsibly. Through my involvement in various committees, I have honed my expertise in Land Use Planning, dispute resolution, strategic planning, and effective community service. I am eager to apply this wealth of experience to tackle the challenges that lie ahead and chart a course towards a brighter future for Plymouth – one where we thrive as a vibrant community, offering opportunities to live, work, play, and retire here in harmony.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Roads Advisory Committee (10+ yrs) Current Chair, Manomet Village Steering Committe (2 yrs), Scoutmaster Boy Scout Troop 51, Second Church of Plymouth

Top three priorities:

Encourage Responsible Development That Will Reduce the Residential Tax Burden:

  • Plymouth is going to continue to grow whether we want it to or not. -We can direct development into areas where it makes sense.
  • We should promote commercial development that will provide good jobs to Plymouth’s residents

Establish a Land Bank for Plymouth:

  • If we own the land we can control the land
  • If we control the land we can determine its future
  • If we can determine the future of our land we can determine the future of our Town

Provide Professional and Unbiased Leadership to Plan Plymouth’s Future:

  • Residents deserve to be heard and treated with respect
  • Proposals for Plymouth’s future require careful consideration
  • Our community demands professional hardworking leaders

Francis (Frank) Mand

20 Chilton St

Relevant Qualifications:  Since I first moved to Plymouth just over 40 years ago I have been engaged with my community. From volunteering and eventually serving as President of the South Plymouth Little League, to work as a Board member of the Plymouth Task Force to End Homelessness, I have shown a consistent commitment to organizations that work to improve the overall quality of life in Plymouth. For over a decade I was the chief government reporter for the Old Colony Memorial, where I went above and beyond to give residents a full and honest perspective on town government and the volunteers who make it possible. Watching and reporting on those activities, sparked my own interest in serving on town boards and committees, leading to my election as a member of the town’s charter commission, and to a two-year term on the Planning Board.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Among the many volunteer, town and/or non-profits that I have been engaged with, are the South Plymouth Little League, Plymouth Youth Hockey, the Task Force to End Homelessness, the Friends of Myles Standish State Forest, the League of Women Voters, Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance, the Planning Board and Charter Commission. Beyond that, I have personally produced a number of community events and activities, including CommuniTREE, and a year-long photographic essay (365 Sunrises) which concluded with a special sunrise event at the Plimoth-Patuxet Museum.

Top three priorities:

The Board’s mission can’t be limited to a few priorities. An effective member must bring a broad, personal philosophy to bear on its changing demands. Affordable housing is critical, but housing without consideration for available resources would be dangerous. Likewise open space cannot be a goal in and of itself. I bring an appreciation of the totality of our resources to the challenges of this position. I am committed to preservation, as evidenced by my leadership in this area. I help operate a long-standing short-term rental business in downtown Plymouth, giving me an understanding of the needs of small-businesses. I am also a believer in our democratic government – if the community is allowed, encouraged, aided in participating in that government. There lies what is possibly my top priority: doing all I can to increase participation by all residents in the decisions made by their elected and appointed officials.

Candidates for School Committee

There are five candidates for three 3-year terms.

Vedna Heywood

9 Nathan Lane

Relevant Qualifications: Over twenty five years experience as a community servant and leader, commitment to education, current sitting school committee member and ability to work collaboratively.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Plymouth School Committee, League of Women Voters US( National Board Director & Trustee), N.H.A.E.O.N-(Executive Board member), No Place For Hate Committee(past-Chair), Haitian American Chamber of Commerce(past-Vice Chair), BID Plymouth Hospital Advisory Board, Hope Floats (Board member)

Katherine Jackson

22 Nixon Avenue

Relevant Qualifications: I bring a wide range of skills to this position. I worked in finance for 15 years. Where one of our big focuses is budget this is a great asset. Also, I have been on the school committee for 3 years, this gives me a lot of knowlege and experience that I have gained over that time.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Plymouth No Place for Hate Committee, Plymouth Land Use and Acquisition Committee, Plymouth School Committee, League of Women Voters Member

Bethany Rogers

Relevant Qualifications: 

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: 

Ashley Shaw

38R Newfield St

Relevant Qualifications: I am a life-long Plymouth resident with a passion for local government. After serving for almost 7 years on the Advisory and Finance Committee, I have turned my focus to our schools. I graduated from the Plymouth Public Schools, as did my daughter. My son is in kindergarten in the district and is a special education student.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: I served for almost 7 years on the Advisory and Finance Committee; I served as a co-lead of the Plymouth SEPAC; I serve as a co-lead of Indivisible Plymouth; I serve on the Dog Park Committee; and I serve on the Plymouth Public School’s Strategic Planning Committee

Hunter Young

Relevant Qualifications: 

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: 

Candidates for Town Meeting

There are three openings in each precinct for 3-year terms.

Precinct 1 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Lucille A. Leary

19 Centennial St.

Richard R. O’Keefe

382 Court St.

Sarah Lynn Sibley

256 Court St.

1. Helping to liaise with the North Plymouth community and the School Committee regarding the needs of Hedge School and the plans to deliver those needs.

2. Listening to the needs of local taxpayers and how they want their tax dollars prioritized and spent, especially given the continued tax increases over the last decade.

3. Providing a voice for my generation town-wide in the legislative process.

Precinct 2 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Kathleen Theresa Battles

1 Rodman Ln

Nancy P. Davis

45 Davis St.

Shawn Kenneth Ireland

35 Grandview Dr

Harrison Philip Quinn

3 Shaw Court

Affordable housing; schools; public parks/beaches
Richard M. Serkey

60 Allerton St.

Effectively managing the Town budget to prevent the need for a Proposition 2 1/2 override;

Safely overseeing the decommissioning the nuclear power plant by Holtec and controlling the development of Holtec’s large parcel of contiguous land;

Bargaining harder with municipal unions to control outsized collective bargaining agreements.

Vacant (2-year term) Column 2 Value 7

Precinct 3 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Donna D Curtin

148 Summer St.

Jeanne W. Patenaude-Lane

160 Sandwich St.

Ann Pizer

9 Stafford St.

Dale M. Webber

20 Stafford St.

To Continue to be a Strong Voice for All constituents in Precinct 3, “Where it All began” as well as those of the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods of America’s Hometown. Call me at 508-980-9027 . if I can assist you with any issue regarding the governance of our Town, I will be happy to help.

Precinct 4 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Deborah Iaquinto

60R Warren Rd

These 3 fundamental questions best reflect my priorities:

  • How do we balance appropriate development with critical environmental issues (preserving open space, protecting our aquifer, building climate resiliency)?
  • Are we spending our tax dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible?
  • Who will benefit from the decisions before us and who stands to lose?

I am committed to opening communication channels to keep you informed and get your input to the decisions that affect us all.

Charles Thomas Mathewson

37 Cliff St.

Clare A. Montanari

71 Harbourlight Dr.

Education to townspeople regarding how town government works which is complex, try to address property tax increases, get school bus transportation cost reimbursements distributed in a fair manner. I’m still learning.
David B. Peck

16 Overlook Rd.

Supporting the creation of a Master Plan, living within our means as a Town, and supporting smart growth which protects our open space and environment
Charles E. Vautrain III

22 River St.

1. More control over haphazard growth,
2. Protect our water aquifer. Stop the stripping of of trees and mining of our silica sand, 3. Insure our schools have adequate funding to teach our young.

Precinct 5 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Kevin F. Lynch

25 Miller Dr.

Scott Daniel Stephenson

10 Eaton Way

1. Affordability.
2. Great schools.
3. Quality of life.

Precinct 6 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Robert B. Freeland

60 Brook Rd

Paul J. McGee

58 Old Field Rd.

First, to maintain fiscal responsibility within the Town budget, secondly, to continue to increase awareness of the needs of our disabled residents and visitors, and thirdly, to encourage those in charge to take significant steps to deal with the threats to our community from climate change.

Precinct 7 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Karen Buechs

146 Bartlett Rd

Beth A. Gragg

21 Bradford Ave.

To listen carefully to the Precinct’s concerns, to represent those concerns as best I can, and to ask tough questions when needed.
Virginia Johnson

50 Old Beach Rd.

improve road repair , water quality, careful review of tax spending
Ida K. Parker

82 Manomet Ave.

Precinct 8 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Lauren P. Melillo

52 Lookout Point Rd.

Donald Robert Williams

42 Carter’s Bridge Rd

1) Increase awareness among Plymouth’s “builder friendly” elected officials of the importance of water for existential and recreational needs.
2) Encourage Plymouth’s elected officials to find better ways to raise money other than by increasing taxes (e.g. promotion of ecotourism).
3) Find ways to increase voter turnout for Plymouth elections.
Geraldine L.  Williams

42 Carter’s Bridge Rd

Manage spending to reduce inefficiencies, and unnecessary expenses yet provide for a safe, healthy environment for all citizens of Plymouth.
Ensure that the school system is adequately funded to educate our students to their full potential.
Encourage land preservation and thoughtful use of CPA funds.

Precinct 9 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Brian Harrington

205 Valley Rd

James John Reed

200 Lunn’s Way

Precinct 10 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Brendan S. Brady

20 Palmer Rd

Mark T. Maslowski

14 Euclids Way

Robert D. Trostel

19 Howard Dr.

Precinct 11 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Jeffrey Fosdick

56 Peter Rd

To provide careful thought and analysis of the warrents presented and to dispassionately weight the stated arguments for and against each for the town as a whole.
My second priority is to help the town make sensible financial decisions regarding growth, infrastructure, and maintenance of town assets. My third priority is to protect the neighborhoods and precinct I represent from growth or policies that may damage or change the nature and stability of our community.
Lisa Murray

9 Luke’s Way

Precinct 12 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Thomas A. Farmer

11 Dorothy Dr.

Aaron Matthew Keaton

2 White Violet Ln.

Precinct 13 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Elaine M. Allegrini

11 Princeton Rd.

Listening and responding to the people of precinct 13.

Being a responsible voter with a close eye on budgets,

Using my experience as a journalist and 51 year Precinct 13 resident to keep abreast of town government, especially issues pertaining to Precinct 13.

Jennifer C. Harris

62 Mariner’s Way

Priority 1 is to continue to learn about the important issues throughout the Town of Plymouth re: growth and development, budget management and quality of life.

Priority 2 is to explore additional ways to hear the residents of Precinct 13’s concerns about these issues as well as inform the residents of the latest information.

Priority 3 is to prepare for Town Meetings by attending Select Board, Committee of Precinct Chairs, Precinct Caucuses and any additional committee meetings where needed.

Guy R. Roy

83 Columbia Cir.

Precinct 14 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Kristopher M. Houle

22 Hillside Dr

Jeannette Kelly

25 Cottontail Trl.

Preventing tax increase,
Keeping residents informed on town issues,
Volunteering for town committees
Nathan R. Segal

26 Monument Ponds Path

Aaron Joseph Volkringer

33 Bog View Road

Precinct 15 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

W. Wrestling Brewster

39 Forge Dr.

Patricia C. Dysart

40 Forge Dr.

Town govt transparency & oversight and public awareness
Susan Grady

42 Veridian

My first priority is the support of all current efforts underway to craft a vision and operating road map for Plymouth’s future (examples: Master Planning effort, the work of the Charter Committee). Equally important to me are the efforts underway to make Plymouth more attractive for commercial and light industrial development as an offset to the current tax burden placed on Plymouth residents and the efforts underway to address and manage the development of affordable housing.

Precinct 16 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

William S. Abbot

33 Herring Way

Enhancing our quality of life across the Town including keeping our Town Meeting form of government ; protecting our environment for future generations to enjoy; managing the Town’s budget and real estate taxes in a manner that is prudent, reasonable and sustainable for all of our citizens.
Dorothy C. Price

570 Mast Rd

Edward T. Russell

725 Long Pond Rd.

Precinct 17 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Kathy Bell

6 South View Way

Continuing to listen to and give voice to concerns of precinct 17 residents; communicate to residents important Town of Plymouth’s news/updates; prepare for annual town meetings through review of town communications and attending precinct meetings and/or various Plymouth Boards.
Lori Anne Downs

22 Winterberry Way

My goal is to make the best decisions for the fiscal health of our town while striving to maintain the integrity of our open spaces. I diligently research the articles and reach out to my constituents to best represent your interests.
Jason L. Fernald

11 Willow St.

Representing Precinct 17: Advocating for our neighborhood’s needs in infrastructure, services, and development. Increasing Community Engagement: Encouraging participation and communication between residents and local government through outreach and collaboration. Promoting Sustainability: Implementing policies to preserve our natural environment and enhance our overall quality of life.
Steven Lydon

33 Leeward Way

Precinct 18 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Edward C. Conroy

21 Rollingwood Ln.

Laurien Enos

80 Russell Mills Rd

Carmen Joseph Lifrieri

44 Sandwich Road