Candidates for Planning Board, the School Committee, and Select Board spoke at our Candidate Forum on May 4. Click above to watch a video of this event.

Voter Guide
May 20, 2023 Spring Town Election

This Voter Guide contains information about candidates for Town-Wide Offices as well as for Town Meeting Members.

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This page will be updated as candidates provide their information.

Candidates for Select Board

There are six candidates for two 3-year terms.

W. Wrestling Brewster
39 Forge Avenue

Relevant Qualifications: I have been on town meeting for 10 years and a member of COPC for 5. I have seen all phases of our government. I have proven I can work will all parties to respectful discussions and consensus solutions to move Plymouth forward. I have a good working relationship with the town manager. The director of finance. The director of planning. The DPW director. The environmental/marine director. The chair of fincom. I know how our government works. And I want to create a cohesive group of all

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Town meeting 10 years , Committee of Precinct Chairs 6 years. Harbor Committee 9 years

Top Three Priorities: Planning, planning and planning for the future! Every board, department and resident is a stakeholder and should have buy in. Where do we want to be in 20 years? Once we know that, then we can determine where our priorities, efforts and budgets need to be for ten, five, one years and tomorrow. With knowledge like this, we can create efficiencies and hopefully slow down the rise in taxes. We also need to get the selectboard back to its core rules of conduct and civility, and not only come together as a strong focused board, but lead others by example.

Kevin Canty
20 Saw Mill Drive

Relevant Qualifications: I am a lifelong Plymouth resident, having lived here for 37 years. I have worked as a local attorney for the past 10 years. And my 9 years of experience on the Advisory & Finance Committee mean I have an established track record of public service in this community and detailed knowledge of the Town’s finances and the workings of our government. I have the legal skills, financial knowledge, and community service experience that Plymouth needs on its Select Board.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: I have worked on the Advisory & Finance Committee for the past 9 years, serving as Chair for the past 4 years.

Top Three Priorities: Implementing smart & balanced development throughout Plymouth ; Focusing on strategic planning so Plymouth can start being proactive and stop being reactive; Reducing the burden on residential taxpayers by attracting new commercial taxpayers to Plymouth

Vedna Heywood
9 Nathan Lane

Relevant Qualifications: Twice Elected School Committee member with experience in policy, negotiations, strategic planning, programming, public health, emergency planning and multi-million dollar budgets. Extensive board and community service experience. Skills: Critical thinking, Decision making, community outreach, governance, long term planning, team player, data gathering and analysis

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Plymouth School Committee , Chairperson of No Place for Hate for 3yrs and member for 11yrs ,Volunteer for Hope Floats(Kingston) Group Leader for parents of Perinatal-Early Childhood Loss (2013-present), Board Member for Southeastern Massachusetts Division of March of Dimes (2012-2013), Plymouth Area Board Member for the Dept of Children & Families 2011-2015, Foster Care Reviewer(Plymouth) for the Dept of Children & Families 2012-2016, Member of DCF Foster Care Review Practice Committee 2013-2015, Executive Board of the Plymouth League of Women Voters 2018-2022 , Plymouth H.E.A.L Communities 2019-2020, State Board Director of League of Women Voters Ma 2020-2022, BID Plymouth Community Benefits Advisory Committee since 2020, Advisory Board of BID Hospital in Plymouth-2022, Brockton’s Health Equity Task Force member 2020-2021, Massachusetts Haitian American Chamber of Commerce Board Member 2018-2020, Vice-Chair 2019-2020

Top Three Priorities:

1.Solicit community input on long-term projects, to include investments in infrastructure, and collaborate with stake holders to identify immediate areas of economic need.

2. Strategic Planning

3.Revenue Enhancement and review of operating and capital budget to identify opportunities to reduce long term costs

4. Emergency planning / public health

5. Continued sustainability and water conservation strategies.

6. Improve and enhance communication and collaboration with residents and other town boards and communities.

Everett Malaguti
6 South Cherry Street

Relevant Qualifications:

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience:

Top Three Priorities:

Frank Mand
20 Chilton Street

Relevant Qualifications: I have multiple degrees, including a Masters in Business Administration from Northeastern University, and a B.A. in English Literature from Boston College. I have 20 years of experience as a journalist, including over a decade with the Old Colony Memorial during which I wrote hundreds of stories on almost every Board and Committee in town, from the Select Board to the Cultural Committee, to the Conservation Committee, the Planning Board and others. During my time on the ‘Old Colony’ I received numerous awards, including being named Gatehouse Media’s writer of the year, and Innovator of the Year by the New England News and Print Association. All of these experiences have added to my appreciation for the natural resources of this community, and fueled my desire to see the community’s best characteristics preserved – including the small-town, no big-box store feel of our historic downtown, the surprising pastoral byways of Chiltonville, the unique vista and unspoiled woodlands of the Pine Hill, and of course our amazing, yet vulnerable sole-source aquifer. All of these experiences have also whetted my appetite for finding solutions to our economic challenges, solutions that don’t sacrifice our historic and environmental legacy. All of these experiences contributed to my desire to have a direct impact on the town I loved, leading to my election to both the Charter Commission and the Planning Board and my desire to serve as a Select Board member.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: I have an extensive history of community involvement, including (in rough chronological order): serving as President of the South Plymouth Little League; as a Board Member of the Plymouth Task Force to End Homelessness; creating “365 Sunrises” (a year-long, pre-dawn photographic essay about Plymouth); creating CommuniTREE (ornaments for the Town Tree depicting town non-profits and volunteers); Walking Home (a fundraising walk from California to Texas); and a decade as a member and now Vice President of the Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance (SEMPBA), whose goal is to conserve the globally-rare Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens ecoregion. As Vice President of SEMPBA I have written or co-written over a half-dozen grants, with a value of approximately $1,000,000. SEMPBA, I should note, doesn’t retain those funds: it gives them to established conservation organizations such as Manomet, Mass Audubon, the Town of Plymouth and others who have the expertise and education to achieve the goals of our organization.

Top Three Priorities: “My first goal will be refrain from what used to be called ‘tunnel vision.’ This town is far too complex to become fixated on three, short-term goals. I understand why that is appealing: achieving short-term goals allows elected officials to claim success. I would argue though that there are at least 100 worthy, short-term goals I might apply myself to, and that to a large degree those goals are inter-related. Consider, for example, the goal of protecting our sole-source aquifer:

  • Ensuring that we protect our natural resources, especially water, enables us to offer new businesses the assurance that they will not be left high and dry. • A plan for water conservation will reduce the need for a new multi-million dollar municipal well and consequently impacts the tax rate. • Preserving the land around a potential new well site slows growth in that area.
  • A long-range plan for preserving key open-space parcels will allow us to knit together the dozens of disconnected trails, town preserves, state parks and forests, creating an ecotourism hotspot.
  • Increasing our capacity to ‘entertain’ hikers, bikers, birdwatchers, kayakers and others leads to longer stays, more meals in restaurants, more meals-tax money and so on.

A Master Plan is not in and of itself a goal, but it is key to achieving many of our most important community goals. While we began moving toward a new Master Plan almost two years ago if I am elected to the Select Board I want to see that process move immediately into high gear. Finally, I sincerely believe that the divisiveness, the polarization, and the mean-spiritedness that are so apparent at the national level, has seeped into our cultural aquifer and needs to be addressed. There is certainly enough work for five, perhaps even seven Select Board members to do, without taking on the task of helping restore a sense of community, but that’s what I would hope to do. In large part that’s what I have tried to do in the many non-profits that I have engaged with during my 40 years in Plymouth.”

Richard Quintal
46 Nicks Rock Rd

Relevant Qualifications:

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience:

Top Three Priorities:

Candidates for Planning Board

There are two uncontested seats.

Carl Donaldson
5 Smith Terrace

Running for a 5-year term.

Relevant Qualifications:  Mastersin City Planning

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Master Plan Committee

Top three priorities:

Housing and development
Business development,
Protection of town natural resource

David Peck
16 Overlook Road

Running for a 1-year term.

Relevant Qualifications: I am a retired Architect and Planner. My career was 35 years as Director of Facility Planning at Children's Hospital in Boston.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: Chairman of Town Building Committee; Vice Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals; Member of Charter Commission; Town Meeting member Precinct 4

Top Three Priorities: Number 1: Advocating for the support of Fall Town Meeting for the creation of a new Master Plan for Plymouth, last updated in 2006.

Number 2: Protecting open and undisturbed space through selectively allowing addition density and/or height in projects located in already disturbed area and in existing village centers.

Number 3: Advocating for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) as addressing one of the Town's need for more affordable housing options.

Candidates for School Committee

There are four candidates for two 3-year terms.

Michelle Badger
35 Dorothy Dr

Relevant Qualifications:It has been an honor to serve on the Plymouth School Committee for the last almost 12 years. As a product of our school system, I made the decision to run at 26 years old to give back to the Plymouth Public Schools (PPS) and the Town. I graduated from Plymouth South in 2002 and went on to study history and International affairs at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. While at Sweet Briar, I started working in fundraising and after graduation worked for the College for a couple of years. I left Virginia to come back to Massachusetts to attend graduate School at Suffolk University, where I received two Masters Degrees: one in Public Administration and the other in Political Science. During my time at Suffolk, I continued to work in Advancement which continually gave me the opportunity to get to know students and to learn first hand the skill sets and issues they were encountering in college. The frustration from the students and skills they were lacking as undergraduates led me to want to get more involved to hopefully help younger students in some way (I must note none of the students that I worked with came from Plymouth). When a School Committee seat opened, I saw it as an opportunity for me to give back to my community. Since then I have had the opportunity to specifically work to reevaluate the emergency plans for the district as part of the Safety Committee; fight to get a liaison from the School Committee to the SEPAC; serve as the liaison and chair of the Pilgrim Area Collaborative; push the administration to evaluate and overhaul the elementary health curriculum; worked with the administration for years to get a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee established; help guide the district through the pandemic and many other priorities. My passion for what education provides to students and their futures is what drives me. As a student who struggled early on myself, it is my hope that I can be a voice for the Town of Plymouth to make sure we are honoring and celebrating who our students are and where they thrive and helping them find their passion. I bring to the Committee a passion for education, my personal experience in our district, and my willingness to have a conversation as well as research to find out more about an issue being presented to the Committee by the administration or the community.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience:I am involved in a number of organizations locally and for Sweet Briar College (my undergraduate alma mater). Local: Plymouth Fragment Society, Board Member (October 2018-present); DreamRide Plymouth LLC - Board Member (October 2018-August 2022); Pan Mass Challenge Kids Ride Planning Team - Plymouth (January 2015-June 2019); Plymouth Public Schools Alumni Association, Chair (May 2018-present); Vice-Chair (2013-2018); Plymouth School Committee (May 2011-present); Plymouth No Place For Hate Committee (2010-present); Pilgrim Area Collaborative (October 2015-present); Antiquarian Society, Fundraising Committee (FY22), Nomination Committee (2021-present). Sweet Briar College: Sweet Briar College Alumnae Alliance (equivalent to Alumnae Association), Operations Co-Chair (July 2022- Present), Class Leadership Co-chair (July 2019-June 2021), Admissions Ambassador Co-Chair (July 2016-June 2019); Sweet Briar College Boston Area Alumnae Club, Chair (January 2009-present); Sweet Briar College Class of 2006, Class Agent (May 2006-present), Co-President (May 2016 -present).

Robert P. Morgan
8 Peter Road

Relevant Qualifications: I have been a tax payer in the town of Plymouth since July 2000. I have a son who is attending the Plymouth Public Schools who will graduate on June 3rd. I have been a member of the Plymouth School Committee 2009-2012 and 2014 until present. Through the years of service I have gained knowledge and experience. I have taken the required course for Massachusetts School Committee members.

Nonprofit/Town Committee Experience: I served 9 years on the West Plymouth Steering Committee, the last 3 years as its chair. I served 1 year as a town meeting member representing precinct 11. I served 1.5 years on the Advisory and Finance Committee. I currently serve on the town Building Committee as the School Committee designee. I am also veteran who served 8 years in the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

Michael Spellman
6 Debbie Court

Dan Sullivan
38 Cape Cod Avenue

Candidates for Town Meeting

There are three openings in each precinct for 3-year terms.

Precinct 1 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Tammy Berardi
10 Muster Field
Mark Pulsinelli
50 Spooner St
Increase commercial tax base
Maintain and improve town services,
Protect and expand open space.
Robert Quick
242 Court St

Precinct 2 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Natalia Driscoll
60 Standish Avenue
Albert Kusmin
15 Cushman St
Everett Malaguti III
6 South Cherry Street
Harrison Quinn
3 Shaw Court
Raise awareness about voter turnout in our community;
Be a thoughtful representative for my neighbors and precinct;
Promote ideas that benefit our community as a whole: education, parks, tourism, and housing
Chad Wolf
100 Standish Avenue

Precinct 3 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Margaret Keohan
19 Fremont St.
Constance Melahoures
15 Fremont St.
Dorothea Gay
91 Newfield St.
Gerald (Jerry) Sirrico
38 Mayflower St.
1. Stephens Field being finished.
2. Keep taxes & spending in check
3. Helping residednts in Precinct 3 with any problems they might have as I have done in the past.

Precinct 4 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Jad Osmanski
54 Warren Ave
Keeping taxes as low as possible while providing the best services to the residents of Plymouth and protecting our fragile water sources and open spaces.
David Peck
16 Overlook Road
Robert Shaw
2 Sweet Amanda's Way

Precinct 5 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Misti Neutzing
27 Thoreau Road
My focus will include
1) equality (political, social, economic),
2) Education,
3) Economic Development.

Precinct 6 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

William Arienti
23 Highland Ave
Bringing business into Plymouth,
Keeping residential neighborhoods safe from overdevelopment,
Ensuring safe and efficient decommission of plant by Holtec
Betty Cavacco
23 Diamond St
Anthony Mayo
28 Highland Ave
Listen, ask questions and vote on public interest

Precinct 7 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

George Brown
107 Ellisville Dr.
1. Best value for the Town

2. Frugality

3. Address needs of constituents

Tammy Johnson
17 Cape Cod Ave
Jacqueline Perkins
25 Park Ave

Precinct 8 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Sybil Holland
1926R State Road
My top three priorities as a town meeting member will be to
Learn as much as I can about what my constituents in the 8th precinct want for our future here in Cedarville,
Find mentors with deep historical knowledge of Plymouth to mentor and guide me. and
Encourage my neighbors to be informed on the issues facing our town and to vote!
Karen MacDonald
45 Pawtuxet Road
Traffic solutions to address safety and congestion,
Reduce mass clearing of native trees,
Encourage use of native plants.
Mary Tincher
15 Salt Marsh Lane
Fiscal responsibility, and managed growth

Precinct 9 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Christeen Guadagno
56 Sol Joseph Road
Fairly represent the people in Precinct 9.
Make sure tax money isn’t being wasted.
Ensure Plymouth residents have the services needed to prosper safely.
Kathryn Holmes
40 Sol Joseph Road
Legislative Oversight
Master Plan alignment with Town Strategy
Protecting Plymouth from the Horse Racing Industry

Precinct 10 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Robert D. Duggan
20 King Avenue
Brian Fitzgerald
73 Huntington Rd
1. Remaining accessible to and representing residents of Precinct 10.
2. Smart use of the town budget to invest wisely in future concerns, rather than shoveling money at urgent, expensive solutions to problems too long ignored.
3. Building a school system that attracts and retains families that build a vibrant community for decades to come.
Peter Neville
296 Billington St
1. Getting more residents involved in government by attending discussions at Center For Active Living and developing more educational forums through Plymouth First.

2. Learning about enforcement of bylaws concerning sand and gravel removal and sharing information through social and print media.

3. Identifying positive public policies, like subsidized housing and community preservation and advocating for sustaining and growing those efforts.

Precinct 11 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Ken Kessel
16 Sushala Way

Precinct 12 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

John Sanguinet
19 Justine Way
Ronald Reilly
242 Plympton Road

Precinct 13 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Ronald Reilly
242 Plympton Road
Jeffrey DeLappe
11 Kristen Road
Anita Hadley
235 Carver Road
Taxes, West Plymouth development with the need for sidewalks, government reform.
Robert Dawley
3 Candlewood Dr
1. Represent constituents in precinct 13. While Town Meeting members need to look broadly at the entire town, I believe it is important that precinct members listen to their constituents and be their voice at Town Meeting.
2. Fiscal responsibility. The Town is in for a few rough years financially. Residential taxes are keep going up and more burden needs to be placed on the commercial tax base.
3. Environmental issues. Issues such as algae blooms in ponds, traffic and septic system changes,

Precinct 14 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Therese (Tess) Blackwell
84 Kathleen Drive
Donald Holm
1440 Old Sandwich Road
1. Continue working with Town Planning and Public Works and MassDOT to expedite and improve traffic safety from Cedarville to Ellisville and north.

2. Work with COPC to further legislative follow through of the Town Master Plan.

3. Help our community protect the coastal vulnerability from storms, flooding and shoreline erosion.

Paul Reissfelder
71 Shallow Pond Ln
Rebecca Ellis
10 Hillside Drive

Precinct 15 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Arthur Desloges
5 Pine Cobble
I will promote a collaborative environment where we can work together. I am committed to the principles of listening and respecting each other as we forge new solutions to the challenges we face.
I oppose the discharge of 1.1 million gallons of radioactive water into Cape Cod Bay. I speak regularly at Town Hall against this discharge.
I believe we can do more to collaborate with the many conservancy groups here in Plymouth to protect our ponds, shoreline, forests, and sole source aquifer.
John Donahue
42 Five Lanterns
To represent the constituents in my district and vote in line with their sentiments.
To ensure that the town continues to be fiscally responsible
To support our first responders to make sure that have the necessary tools to service the town of Plymouth
Michael Hanlon
2 Wayside Path
1) Ensure that taxpayers get "value" for their tax dollars
2) advocate for consolidation of town/school services such as IT and building maintenance
3) increase economic development activity to reduce tax burden on residential taxpayers.

Precinct 16 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Lawrence Delafield
76 Morgan Road
Liana Patton
26 Fawn Pond Rd
Ethan Warren
794 Long Pond Road
efficiency, conservation, schools

Precinct 17 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

Susan Arenstam
4 Clover Dr
Thoughtful growth, planning & preservation of open spaces, fiscal responsibility.
Alexis Coon
549 Wareham Rd
Road safety/efficiency, conservation, and natural resources
Pam Hastings
554 Wareham Rd
Traffic safety, Conservation, Education
Steven Lydon
33 Leeward Way

Precinct 18 Candidates for Town Meeting


Top 3 priorities for the town

John Hammond
14 Langford Road
Karl Mason
45 River St
I believe that the most important priorities for our town are (1) cutting unnecessary spending, (2) maintaining core services and facilities, and (3) conserving our historic places, open spaces, and natural resources.