Plymouth Area LWV Committees

At the local level, our committees support the work of the League, develop  communications, webinars, and programs to inform local residents about issues and actions, and provide calls to action. If you are interested in joining the League to participate on any of our committees, please contact the listed Chair.

Committee Role
Affordable Housing Our League’s position is under review. There are no committee members at this time.  If interested in Affordable Housing please contact chair Kathy Dunn.
Communications The Communications/Social Media/Webmaster Committee is responsible for maintaining our website PlymouthLWV.ORG with direction from the Board and membership; publishing a monthly (or thereabouts) Bulletin for the membership using articles provided by the Board; and for sending periodic all- membership emails on topics deemed of timely importance by the Board  using information provided by the Board or other members with the Board’s approval. Chair: Deb Etzel. Webmaster: Patti Anklam
Diversity, Equality and Inclusion The goal of the Plymouth Area LWV Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is to educate ourselves on racial justice issues and share what we learn in our communities. We will seek out information and opportunities to convey to others how people are affected by racism and to be more aware of the overt and subtle expressions of racial stereotyping. We will work to support public policy that promotes social justice and equality in the nation, our state and our community. By partnering with like-minded groups, we will work enthusiastically to promote racial and social equity for all. Chair: Kathy Dunn.
Education Civics Bee: Organizes the annual high school competition based on civics questions.
Membership The purpose of the committee is to recruit members, welcome and contact new members, and plan meaningful activities for LWV members and guests. Chair: Deanna Nealey
Nuclear Follows what is current regarding the Pilgrim Energy Plant and reports to the membership and suggests action to local government.
Observer Corps Attend local government meetings and prepare summaries of topics and issues. Currently the observer corps is focused on attending and understanding the work of the Plymouth Charter Commission.
Sustainability The committee is presently focused on working to ensure that our community acts on the recommendations of Climate-Ready Healthy Plymouth.  In addition, our mission is to inform and engage our citizens on environmental issues and policies.  The committee welcomes additional participation. Chair: Mary Lesueur
Voter Services The Voter Services committee encourages all citizens to vote and become active participants in their government by providing them with factual, unbiased and non-partisan information through forums, candidates nights, voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities. Chair:  Mary Ferron